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Cancellation and Refund Conditions


From now on,Hunkar Travel will be mentioned as the AGENT and the person buying its services will be called as the CONSUMER.


1. This agreement arranges the conditions of buying the services of the AGENT’s such as hotel reservations and tour packages by the CONSUMER.

2. The person buying any products of the AGENT via internet or coming to the Office is the only INTERLOCUTOR of the AGENT on behalf of the people joining our trips with that person. Those people agree the terms and conditions even they do not sign this contract.

3. The declaration made to the person using our sevices is also counted as declared to the other CONSUMERS travelling with him /her.


1.We sell cash or via credit cards.

2. The whole payment amount or down payment in advance stated in the advertisement will be cashed either via credit card or bank wire when booking any of the packages of the AGENT.

3.With the down payments, pre-reservation is cashed out when registering. And the remaining balance is due 15 days before the departure. If the payments are not made within the stated period, the reservation is cancelled, the CONSUMER is billed 35% of the total price as the REPARATION.


1.The AGENT has the right to cancel a tour partially or completely 7 days before if the number of people joining the trip is not enough. In that case, The CONSUMER will be fully refunded. But an extra compensation can not be claimed.

2. If the CONSUMER cancel his or her reservation 30 days before the departure, thwn CONSUMER is fully refunded.

3.The CONSUMER accepts and agrees to pay the 35% of the total amount in any case of cancellation 29 days before the departure ,and the full amount 15 days before the departure.

4. If the CONSUMER does not inform the AGENT that he or she will miss the beginning of a tour, the AGENT has the right to cancel all reservations 24 hours after the beginning of the tour on behalf of the CONSUMER.

Wish you an enjoyable trips.