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1.DAY Meshed

We are meeting at the airport and arrive in Meshed, check into the hotel and overnight.

2.DAY Meshed – Nisabur

After the breakfast, we go to Tus 25 km away by coach. We are visiting the tombs of Imam-i Gazali who is the Islamic Scholar of Grand Seljuk era and great Iranian author Firdevsi. And then we visit Haruniye Madrasah which is an historical articraft.Then on the way to Nisabur , we visit Fusencan Village where Hadji Bektash Veli was born and to ancient Seljuk City Sadyah and upon arrival we are visiting famous Sufis Feriduddin-I Attar and poet Omer Hayyam. After a panaromic city tou,r we are heading back to Meshed and visit the tomb of Harun Reshid who is one of the khalifa of the Abbacies era and Imam Riza who is the eighth imam of the Shia sect. Afterwards we are having free time for shopping followed by a dinner in a luxury restaurant in the city center. Then transfer to the hotel for overnight.

3.DAY Meshed - Tabriz

After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we are heading to Meshed Airport and fly to Tabriz. Then we set off for the city center by our coach waiting for us at the airport.After Friday prayer is done, Tebriz city tour begins. The first place to be visited is the Poet Cemetry where there is aslo the tomb of Sehriyar who is one of the major poets of Turkish Language. Then we are visiting Ancient Tebriz Bazaar which has a size of 1km2 in which small bazaars and 20 khans are available. We have free time for shopping here. Then we are going to to Shah Lake that is considered an important promenading area along where we can drink tea or coffee. After the lake tour,we go to the hotel to check in and have a rest for an hour and then to the restaurant 20 km away from the hotel. Following the dinner we are coming back to Tabriz for overnight.

4.DAY Tabriz -Tehran

After having an early breakfast, we arrive at the airport and fly to Tehran. From Tehran airport we go to Azadi Square by coach which is an important center for the public. Having visited the square, we are are going to the house which is a museum now where Ayatollah Khamanei ,the most important religious leader of the public, used to live. After visiting those places, we are going to Sadabad Palace which is an important construction in Iranian history.Then we have an hour free time in Darband’s promenading area which is very close to the Palace. Afterwards, we are heading to our hotel around the shopping center of the city. Upon check in, we have a two hour of shopping and sightseeing time. We have dinner in Gandi and overnight in Tabriz.

5.DAY Tehran – Rey

After an early breakfast at the hotel, arrival in Rey City by our private coach which is the capital of Seljuk and 35 km distance away from the city center. This city got its reputation after the big war between the Seljuk and Khorezm in 1194. The city was administrated by the Khorezm and then Iran and Ottoman Empire in order. The city which was ruined during Iran-Iraq war is now within the border of Iran Islamic Republic. It was the most important scientific and medical center during the Seljuk period. It is the city where the most important developments and innovations were made by the instruction of Nizam ul mulk. The founder of the great Seljuk, Tugrul died and was buried in 5th September,1063. After visiting the tomb of Tugrul and the tower, we are going to the area where Ayatollah Khomeni’s tomb exists. Afterwards,we go back to the city center and see the fourth highest tower in the world,Milad Tower,435m high and opened to public service in 2008. We view the heavenly scenery from the terrace of the 12th floor at 345m height. Then we move on to the city center and have two hours of free time and have dinner. Overnight in Tehran.

6.DAY Tehran –Kum- Kashan

After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we set off for KUM city which is accepted as the religious center and famous for its madrasahs. We are promenading along the city with our guide. During the sightseeing, we visit the tomb of Saint Masume Mosque. Leaving Kum city, we arrive in Kashan which has an essential history and located on the trade route having a great importance in the past. Among the sightseeing are Fin Gardens surrounded by canal which is in the Unesco World Heritage List, Sialk Hills an important archaeological site and Boroujerdi House belonging to one of the important families of Kashan, Borjedi Family. When the tour is done,we have dinner and go to the hotel in the city center for overnight.

7.DAY Kashan - Isfahan

After an early breakfast we set off for Isfahan which is called “half of the world” by the Iranians. Cruising 2.5 hours,we arrive in Isfahan which was conquered by the muslims in 640. The city that was made capital by the Seljuk emperor Tugrul, was among the important cities with the contribution of Shah Melik,the grandson of Tugrul. During the city tour along with our guide, we visit Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque , Ali Qapu Palace, Grand Bazaar, Forty Columns Palace. It is said that one of the biggest squares in the world which is in the Unesco World Heritage list. Ali Qapu Palace with six storey has a dominant view of the square. There is a big park and construction behind Ali Qapu Palace. This building has 20 columns and another 20 columns reflecting in the pool in front of it. As the number of columns seem to be 40, it is called 40 columned Palace. We have a two hour free time for shopping in the center and we visit Monar Jonban ( The Shaking Minarets), Vank Cathedral, Jolfa Street, Chehel Dokhtaran Minaret. We are having dinner in Imam Square. Then we go by coach to visit SioSe Pol and Khaju Bridges on the other side of River Zayende Rud. We are walking over the the wonderfully enlightened bridges viewing the magnificient scenery. After a free time, we go back to the hotel for overnight in Isfahan.


After an early breakfast at the hotel, we go to Yazd City.After a four drive, arrival in Yazd which is an important city of the ignicolists and where one of the three atashgahs ( holy fire) exist. Alexander’s Prison, Isolated Towers where the dead were burned, Amir Chaghmagh Complex, ZorastrianTemples and Chak Chak Zorastrian Shrine are the ones we visit. We travel for about 5 hours and arrive in Shiraz. After check into the hotel, we have dinner and overnight in Shiraz.

9.DAY Shiraz

Following an early breakfast, we arrive in Persepolis , of the most important historical regions of Iran the center of which is 50 km away. Persepolis was founded by the Persian King Darius 6 B.C. Xerxes 1st taking over the throne after Darius and Artaxerxes improved the city with many wonderful monuments. We travel back in time among the ruins of the ancient city for 2 hours. Leaving this important ancient city by our coach we arrive in the central Shiraz. The first places to visit are the tombs of Hafez and Sa’di who were the famous poets in Iran. Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque and Karim Khan Citadel are to be visited. Then we have three hours free time for shopping. Then we are meeting to set off for Shapouri House for dinner which is built on a wide area.

10. Shiraz

After dinner we transfer to the airport to clean the customs and passport hoping to welcome you again on another excursion with us soon.


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