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01What are your services?

Hunkar Travel has been  serving conservative tours in six continents with  more than 30  countries. We also operate domestic tours mainly in Black Sea, Marmara, Mid,East , West and Southeast  Anatolia  regions upon  the demand of our agents.

02 Why should I prefer Hunkar Travel? What distinguishes you from others?

As we stated before, we organize the tours in respect to our guests' belief. We never demand any  extra tour  cost which is not stated before you buy  a package. We pay utmost  attention to  your praying schedule. We prefer non alcoholic hotels and restaurants depending on the region. We are halal food sensitive.

03Why should I send my customer to  you as an agent?

First of all, we never sell direct to end customers. Only  our  agents can sell the packages so  the next time when your customer wants to  buy  a package, he or she  will  buy from  you and you wll not lose your  customer.

04How are we going to proceed with groups demand?

We as Hunkar Travel prepare a special package for your groups  and carry out the tour on  behalf of the agent. We are only  service provider and never mention our names.